Beer and wine now on menu at mall movie multiplex snack bar

EUGENE, Ore. - Moviegoers can now buy a beer with their popcorn at Regal Cinemas at Valley River Center.

A "beer theater" is not a new concept.

The Baghdad and Mission theaters in Portland have offered beer with movies for decades.
Locally, both the David Minor and the Bijou theaters offer local beer and wine along with movies. The former's slogan is "No Longer Sneaking Beer into Theaters Since 2008."

As of April 21, patrons of the multiplex at the mall who are 21 or over can purchase up to 3 drinks per showing.

To purchase alcohol, patrons must show their ID to an employee and obtain a wristband. Staff will mark the wristband to keep track of purchases.

Staff will quietly monitor theaters for violations.

Prices for beer range from $5 to $6.50 a cup. Wine will sell for $8 to $10 per glass.