Beauty queen gets her gaming face on

It's easy to see why Anna Prosser Robinson won the Miss Oregon USA title in 2011. The now 28-year old is not only a beauty, but also a bright young woman who graduated magna cum laude from Oregon State University with dual degrees in International Studies and Speech Communication with a minor in Spanish.

What you may not see is her "gaming" face, as in video gaming.

"I've always looked at gaming as a way to connect with other people," explained Prosser Robinson, a self-professed lifetime gamer.

Prosser Robinson's interest in video games developed at an early age. Her father was a computer enthusiast; the family had a computer and video games in their home well before many of her friends.

Even her grandmother, Phyllis Jakes of Portland, had console games like Intellivision in her home. To this day, Grandma competes on a Wii bowling team.

"Grandma has more gaming awards that I do," said Prosser Robinson with a laugh.

Prosser Robinson's interest in video gaming intensified in college. She met her now-husband, Geoff Robinson, who at the time was a semi-pro StarCraft player. He now tours the country on the eSports pro circuit as part of the Evil Geniuses team.

After attending her first eSports competition, Prosser Robinson knew that she didn't have ability to compete at a pro level, but she did see an opportunity.

"My way in was to get in front of a camera and put a microphone in the faces of the competitors," says Prosser Robinson.

Prosser Robinson is now a team manager for Evil Geniuses. She's using her background in communications to produce content about the team, the eSports community, and video game companies. She also hosts eSports events.

With both Prosser Robinson and her husband deeply embedded in the gaming community, she admits that their lives run a fine line between gaming passion and gaming addiction.

"He (Geoff) gets grumpy if he doesn't play a certain number of hours a day," admited Prosser Robinson. "Everything is about finding a balance, and then figuring out how to maintain that balance."