Beaten boy's alleged attacker arrested 12 days later

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. - Nicholas Aday said he was walking his dog with a friend near 10th and Harrison when a guy thrust him to the ground and started beating him up.

Aday (pictured) had a broken nose, and one side of his face was completely bruised from the incident.

"I didn't even know his name," Aday said.

The beating happened September 7. Nick's mother Ladonna said she filed a police report the same day.

Cottage Grove Police arrested Aaron Purdy, a high school sophomore, on September 19 in connection with the attack.

Purdy told our news team a different story, saying he was just defending himself against Nicholas.

"He told me he was going to snap my neck... it's been going on got a year," Purdy said.

Aaron said he was arrested on Thursday and cited for assault before being released.

This is a developing story. Watch your local TV news and this website for updates.