Be aware, it's a bear! Awareness week at the Wildlife Safari

WINSTON, Ore. -- Officials with the Wildlife Safari say it's Bear Awareness Week, and hope that people will become more educated about the animals.

Staff at the park say people are encroaching on the bear's habitat.

When bears lose ground, they're more likely to wander into populated areas, putting both the bears and people at risk.

Grizzly bear trainer Rayna Earl says there are some things you can do to keep bears out of your yard. "There's a bunch of things people can do, they can keep their cat food or dog food inside, because bears love that," she said. "They can keep their trash like, in their garage until the very day that it's being picked up."

The number one rule with bears is not to feed them, unless of course you're at the Wildlife Safari, in which case they really seem to like the apples.

Rayna says bears rarely attack when they're not provoked. "People really have the wrong idea about bears, they can be very sweet."

But that doesn't mean you should go near them. "They're not to cuddle, they're definitely not teddy bears," Rayna said.

The easiest way to keep them from getting cuddle-close: make sure your food is secure.