Barking scares off burglar: 'This is her home. She protects it'

EUGENE, Ore. - Weighing in at nearly 13 pounds, the three-year-old Yorkie named Olive often gets in trouble for barking too much. Her owners, Jackie and Brian Williams, said they were thankful for her yapping two weeks ago when her bark scared off a burglar.

Jackie said they both awoke to Olive's barking in late one night in January.

"He got up to let her out, and as soon as they got to the top of the stairwell, she started barking again," Jackie said. "She ran down the stairwell and ran to the garage."

Jackie added that it was unusual for Olive to run to the garage door.

"She normally heads for the back door," she said.

That's when Brian noticed the garage door was open.

"It kind of took a second for it to settle in. Did I leave the door open, did I forget to shut it all the way?" said Brian.

Jackie's purse had been taken from the kitchen island, and her book bag was nowhere to be found.

The Williams' called police and peeked outside, looking to see if any of their items had been dumped nearby.

When police arrived, they told the Williams' that Olive's ferocious bark had likely scared the thieves away.

"She knows this is her home. She protects it, and sometimes to a fault," Jackie said.

Jackie and Brian adopted Olive from the First Avenue Shelter last March. Olive was living on the streets before being brought into the shelter.

"That night you could tell she knew she had done the right thing," Jackie says. "She was prancing around the house like saying look at me."