Bandmates surprise hospitalized teen with Christmas performance

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Sara Kelley got a surprise Christmas visit while at a Portland hospital when her classmates in the Winston Middle School band gave her a private performance.

Kelley missed playing in their winter recital after she was hospitalized by a stroke. The 13-year-old's bandmates said they wanted her to still be a part of the performance.

"They played All Through The Night and Christmas Proclamation," Kelley said.

Her mother, Kris, was by her side through the performance. Kris said that Sara has hours of physical therapy ahead to regain the use of her left arm and legs.

"They discovered this right side is very narrowed. Which is not usual, no 13-year-old has that," said Kris Kelley. "We don't really know what caused it really but she's got to be on full-strength aspirin for the rest of her life."

Sara is due for another cranial surgery January 2. A donation fund was set up at Umpqua Bank to help with the family's expenses for rehabilitation costs.

"It's a slow process getting better and i guess it's just time and's the hardest part," said Kris.

Sara said that seeing her friends reminded her that she's not alone while heading down the long road to recovery.