Bad Karma? Dalai Lama tickets for sale - for $300

EUGENE, Ore.- Online brokers are reselling tickets to see the Dalai Lama at the Matthew Knight Arena for nearly $300 a seat.

The event sold out in just 20 minutes.

The contract that brings the Dalai Lama to Eugene on May 10 stipulates the University must sell the tickets at a nominal price and that profits should go to charity.

The University of Oregon said it's not illegal in Oregon to resell tickets at a higher price.

"In some states that is considered scalping, that's illegal, but that is not the case here in Oregon," Phil Weiler a spokesperson with the University of Oregon said.

Weiler said the University anticipated the high demand for the event, so organizers limited the number of tickets a person could purchase to just two. He said any speculation that commercial websites used automated software to beat the system is just not accurate.

"They don't have some kind of a super machine or some kind of a computer program that lets them jump in front of the line. In fact they do it the old fashioned way, which is they buy tickets from people who purchase them legitimately," Weiler said.

Some sites like Ticket Liquidator are selling the tickets for $282 a piece, but they only have a handful of tickets available. Weiler said he has checked sites like Craigslist as well, and the number of tickets being resold is only a small percentage of the 11,000 original tickets.

"I would say the vast majority of people who were posting on Craigslist were people who want tickets not people who are trying to resell tickets for a profit," Weiler says.

The University of Oregon will be streaming the Dalai Lama's speech live on their website for all of those who couldn't get a ticket.