Aunt of mall shooter writes note saying 'sorry'

CLACKAMAS, Ore. - The aunt of the man who police said shot three people at Clackamas Town Center said she is "very sad" and "sorry" about her son's actions.

Tami Roberts did not want to do any interviews, but provided a hand-written note to reporters via a friend.

"Tami Roberts wishes to express her shock and grief at the events at Clackamas Town City (sic) on Tuesday," the note said. "She has no understanding or explanation for her son's behavior and requests that her privacy be respected."

Friends told KATU that Tami Roberts is technically Jacob's aunt, although she raised him.

Investigators say her nephew, Jacob Roberts, donned a hockey mask and opened fire with an assault rifle in the mall on Tuesday afternoon. He killed two people and injured a third before shooting and killing himself.

"She is very sad and wants everyone to know that she is so sorry what Jake did," Tami said in the note. "It's so out of his character."

Friends remember Jacob Roberts

An acquaintance of Roberts (who just wanted to go by her first name, Brittany), said she remembers the young man as jovial, popular and nice to classmates at Milwaukie High School. She said he loved skateboarding.

She saw no indicators of any problems in high school, nor in seeing recent updates of him on Facebook.

"I am as astonished as anybody. I would have never, ever, ever thought this would happen," she said. "As far as I knew, he was happy."

She said Roberts was never a loner and never showed any signs of violence. She said she had a couple classes with him toward the beginning and middle of high school, but lost track of him by senior year.

"He was a popular guy. Lots of people liked him, loved him. He was really nice," she said. "He had so many friends."

Editor's note: A previous version of this story referred to Tami Roberts at Jacob Roberts' mother. Friends say she is his aunt who raised him.

Note from Tami Roberts: