Aspiring anglers reel in free fishing lessons at Alton Baker

EUGENE, Ore. -- Anglers were out in full force at the Alton Baker canoe canal on Sunday as the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife hosted a free family fishing event.

Around 250 people lined the banks of the canal, and lots of little fishers-in-training learned how to bait hooks, cast lines, and - if they were lucky - land a fish.

KVAL News caught up with one father and son trio who were enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon of fishing. Ben McMorran said that his sons Owen and Miles have shown an interested in the sport.

"It's been great! We have the occasional frustrations that they don't catch a fish, but so far they've been pretty stationary for an hour which is a blessing for me," said McMorran.

The Canoe Canal is stocked with fish all summer long and into the fall, and serves as a great place to practice your fishing skills.