Are you O positive? Blood bank supplies run low

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Lane Blood Center said that they're in desperate need of O positive donors after their supplies fell to extremely low levels yesterday.

Dennis Johnson, one of the donors that stopped by the center on Friday, said that he owed his life to someone who donated back in 2003.

"I had an internal bleed. Didn't know why, but went to the hospital and needed four units," said Johnson. "I'm just glad somebody gave years ago when I needed it."

He said it's that generosity that inspired him to become a regular donor.

"I figured somebody gave me four, i needed to give back..and i've been doing it ever since," said Johnson.

Identified as the most popular of the blood types, a recent rush on O positive has lead the Lane Blood Center to turn to the public to pump up their supply.

Center official Marshall White said that their supply was depleated by over 90 units of O positive in the last two days.

He said that the Lane Blood Center typically tries to have 250 units available.

"The hospital, blood usage through surgeries has gone up substantially and over the last couple of weeks we haven't seen a lot of donors because of the illness that's been going around Lane County," White said, gesturing to a nearly empty shelf of O positive.

White said the community answered the blood bank's call on Friday, as he saw a big response from donors around the community. While he thanks those that have given, he said that they still need more support.

Lane Memorial Blood Bank:

Lane Blood Center is open Monday-Wednesday 10am to 6pm, Thursday-Friday 8am to 3:30pm and Saturday from 8am to 12pm. Our donor center is located at 2211 Willamette Street in Eugene or at your local neighborhood blood drive.

To be eligible to donate you must be in general good health, weigh at least 110 pounds, be at least 16 years old and have eaten a meal with protein within 4 hours of your donation.

Please call 541-484-9111 if you can help.