Apple season in full swing: 'One of the best I've ever seen'

HARRISBURG, Ore -- An unexpected freeze has ruined nearly 90 percent of apple crops for farmers on the east coast. Here in Oregon farmers said the 2012 apple crop is better than ever.

"A lot of people think of farmers as being really conservative but I always thought they were some of the biggest gamblers that there is, because it all depends on the year." said Greig Detering, owner of Detering Farms. "You can do everything exactly right and the weather can destroy a crop in one day."

Unseasonal weather earlier this year caused catastrophic casualties in crops for east coast farmers. However weather patterns that can be a make or break, and this year some western farmers have harvested plenty of apples to sell or make into fresh cider. Detering's farm has been growing apples at the farm for over two generations.

"We've had an amazing apple season this year... one of the best I've ever seen." added Detering.

Each apple at Detering Farms is handpicked. Families visiting the Harrisburg farm can get in on the fun by plucking fresh apples right off the trees themselves.

Hannah Paul took her 2 year old daughter to the farm so they could enjoy the weather and pick apples together.

"It was a lot of fun she enjoyed it the most this is her first time," said Paul.

Detering Farms grows about 36 different types of apples that serve a range of consumption needs.

"I always like a tart apple for a cobbler and apple pie because when you start adding the sugar then it draws the flavor of the apple out. If you're a diabetic it's also good to use a sweet apple and then you don't have to add sugar in to it," said Assistant Farm Manager Brooke Dixon.

Saturday, October 6 is the first weekend of apple days at Detering Farms. Visitors get free cobbler and hay rides every weekend in October.