App of the Week: Uber

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EUGENE, Ore. - I recently went to New York, and a few friends suggested I download the Uber app as one of my modes of transportations.

And let me tell you: it was definitely an added convenience to my trip and an innovative way to get a ride.

How it works is, you set your pickup location on the real-time map and the closest driver will locate you.

Select the type of vehicle you want, from town cars, SUVs, taxis and even green cars.

Your personal driver will send you a text message letting you know that your ride is on the way with an estimated time of arrival. You can even follow your driver on the map to see how far he or she is from your location.

The app even includes a photo of the driver, license plate number and a review from other passengers.

Payment for your driver are handled directly within the app, so you don't have to worry about pulling out your credit card or cash.

You can enjoy your ride in comfort, style and - in most cases - you are even greeted with a bottled water.

If you're headed to a party and your friends want to know how far you are, the app allows you to share your ETA by selecting the contacts you want to alert.

Not only will your friends receive a text with your estimated time of arrival but also a live map showing your location.

This service is available in over 40 cities and 18 countries. The company said it made key moves this week towards entering the Portland market.

Uber is free in the App store, Google Play and Blackberry 7 devices.

Thank you to @guavagurl for suggesting this app to me on Instagram.

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