App of the Week: Stumbleupon

A lot of us are creatures of habit when it comes to surfing the naturally we tend to miss out on a lot of content that we might be interested in.

This week's app of the week helps you discover new and interesting web pages, videos and photos, based on what you are interested in!

It's called Stumbleupon and when I tried it, it was like a combination of pinterest, facebook, and tumblr!

After creating your profile, you start by selecting categories that interest you or you can even create your own lists.

Your Stumble DNA will show you what types of interests you enjoy and help you discover new and exciting content that you probably never new about.

From the homepage, you can only view recommended, recently updated or popular lists.

If you forget which websites you've browsed, your private history tab will help you out. Follow other stumblers to like, share or comment on their finds.

It's a great app thats tailored to your personal interests so you are constantly entertained with what you discover.I want to thank Vicki West for recommending this app to me on my facebook page!Remember I'm always looking for great apps, so if you have an app suggestion for me, send them to my email,, Facebookor Twitter like Vicki did!