App of the Week: Sex Positive

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Let's admit it: S-E-X isn't always the most comfortable topic to talk about with your friends, let alone your parents.

So the University of Oregon's health department came up with Sex Positive, a discrete and completely confidential app that anyone can use at your own disclosure.

This is how it works:

After downloading the app, you have to first agree to the disclaimer. The app specifically says they will NOT share any user information.

At the top of your screen you'll see two spinning wheels and a sentence below that says "when my *blank, touches a *blank."

The upper wheel is for the first part of that sentence, and includes a list of body parts.

The lower wheel is for the "touches a" part and includes body parts and objects.

You have the choice of manually aligning the top and bottom wheels or randomly spin the wheel with the button at the bottom.

Once you choose the parts you what to know more about, you can click on three informational button below to explore risks, safe practices or even get advice.

Here's the cool part: say you are reading into a certain risk that you may think apply's to you, not only will you have direct links to websites and YouTube clips with more information, but you also have the option of calling the university's health center to make an appointment!

This app is made to make you feel more comfortable with the topic of sex and gives users a better understanding of what responsibilities it comes with.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or are thinking about engaging in sex for the first time, the Sex Positive app will help you learn how to engage in proper dialogue with your partner and even teach you how to get consent without sounding like a lawyer.

Sex Positive is available in Google play and the App store for free.

Thanks to Keith Van Norman and @SexPositiveUO for tweeting me this app recommendation.

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