App of the Week: Pic Play Post

We all love sharing videos and photos on our social networks but what if we can combine those twoelements into one post? This week's app of the week does just that and it's called Pic Play Post.

Start off by picking out a layout then tap the cell to add a photo or video. Videos can be 30 seconds long and you can edit them. Color or shape can also be added to your frame.

If you want your videos to play in a certain order, you can do that too by tapping on the video set up icon, select "on" for play videos sequentially and drag the position that you want each video to play.

For even more customization you can add music over your videos from your own devices playlist!

You can share your final creation it to a number of social media sites and start watching the comments pour in! Pic Play Post is available in the app store for $1.99.

I want to thank @melissa808 for sharing this app with me along with Daniel Vinh and Flambe Studios!

If you have an app suggestion for me, you can send them my way either through email, Facebook or tweet me @yasmindar.