Animal control: $500 fine for leaving a pet in a hot car

EUGENE, Ore. - Cars, heat and pets don't mix.

"Vehicles are definitely a heat magnet," said Larry Berry with City of Eugene Animal Control.

The temperature in a car rises quickly. Dogs left inside start panting, crawling under seats and staggering - all signs of a heat stroke, Berry said.

"A little bit of time can add to a lot on the temperature gauge when it comes to dogs left out on 90 degree days," he said.

Animal control has a way of testing the temperature inside a car without being inside the car.

"This is a laser thermometer and this is how we test the temperature inside a vehicle by pointing at a certain item inside the vehicle," he said.

His advice: leave the pets at home with plenty of water.

If you leave them in your car, it's a city violation and you could be fined up to $500.