'An extremely cruel thing to do to a small business owner'

EUGENE, Ore. - When he arrived at his barber shop Tuesday morning, Michael "Mick" Kliment found the tools of his trade missing, his shop in shambles - and his vintage barber chairs slashed to ribbons.

"When I walked in and saw my tools were gone, then I saw my chairs were slashed, I knew it was some kind of vengeful act from someone," Kliment said. "It's all about respect. Someone did not like me. But rather than being a man or a woman and come face me, they did this to me."

He doesn't know who did it, but he has his suspicions.

"Pretty influential people coming through here with alcohol on their breath and I refuse to cut their hair, and out of disrespect they would say something snide to me on their way out," Kliment said.

Eugene Police said they don't have much to go on, and a customer said he isn't surprised that the business on Highway 99 near Roosevelt Boulevard fell victim to crime.

"It's kind of almost expected in this area because it is a high-crime rate area," Fred Knispel said. "If you walk through here at 2 in the morning it's dangerous."

But with the bad came some good news.

As KVAL News interviewed Kliment, a knock came at the door.

"Hi, we're upholsters," a voice said, "and we read about your story today."

Two upholsters came by the shop to donate their services and restore the vintage chairs.

"It's an extremely cruel thing to do to a small business owner," said Jeremy Trout from Myrtle's Upholstery. "That's his living, that's how he makes his money you know. I just couldn't imagine how I'd feel if someone did that to me."