Allergy sneeze-on arrives: 'Just a constant runny nose'

EUGENE, Ore. - Spring is in the air - and so is pollen.

"Right now we have trees in full bloom that are releasing their pollen as fast as they can to take advantage of the nice days," said Dr. Jason Friesen with Oregon Allergy Associates.

Chris Zammarelli has lived in Eugene his whole life and says seasonal allergies really started to hit hard the last few years.

"There's just a constant runny nose and constantly blowing and that congested feeling, that's kind of itchy."

Others, like Sam Sommer, are happily allergy free. "Luckily, I'm the only one in my family without them so I'm very grateful for that, unfortunately my sister gets it really bad."

Pollen counts are usually the highest early in the morning on warm and breezy days.

Tree season lasts through July, so right now, birch, maple and oak trees are the major pollen producers.

To treat seasonal allergies, Dr. Friesen said there are "over the counter medicines you can try, antihistamines are a good place to start."

For more serious symptoms, he suggests seeing your doctor or allergist for a prescription. He said "immunotherapy is a series of shots to make you not allergic to whatever you're allergic to."

But allergy sufferers say a case of the sniffles won't keep them from enjoying the season.

"Find what works for you and try to make it work because we all want to be outside in this nice weather," Zammarelli said.