Albany woman found shot to death after 8-year-old son calls police

ALBANY, Ore. - Angela Stephenson's brother Eric Stephenson says they'd always told Angela's eight-year-old son to call 911 if there was ever an emergency.

He's proud his nephew did the right thing when he found his mother fatally wounded.

"Yes, it's something we talked about," says Eric Stephenson. "Just that, I know that she taught him that if anything ever happened, to call 911."

Albany police said they got a call from the 8-year-old boy from inside the apartment where he lives with his mother, around 2 a.m. Tuesday.

"He had heard something," says Albany Police Captain Eric Carter. "He woke up and came out to - out of his bedroom to find that his mother was on the floor bleeding and was able to ultimately call the police department, report this and got officers en route to the location."

When police arrived at the Brookshore Apartments in the 1600 block of Southeast 15th Avenue, they found 36-year-old Angela Esther Stephenson dead.

"That's horrible," says Tiffany Carr who lives at the Brookshore Apartments. "That's the worst thing that could ever happen to a child. I was just saying that to my child. I said 'what would you do if you found me like that?' You know? It's horrible."

Police won't say whether they found the gun used to shoot and kill Angela Stephenson.

They're not sure yet whether this was a random attack, or if the shooter knew Stephenson.

"As a complete shock," says Angela's Stephenson's brother Eric. "A very confusing thing. Nobody really knows how or why this has happened."

The boy who called police after his mother was shot and killed is staying with other family in the area.

Albany police are investigating with the help of the Linn County Sheriff's Office, Corvallis Police Department and Oregon State Police.

Anyone with information regarding Angela Stephenson or this investigation is asked to contact the Albany Police Detective Unit at 541-917-7686.