Albany mom develops head lice solution

ALBANY, Ore. -- With kids bundling up for the fall weather in their hats and coats, head lice problems could be right around the corner for schools.

To help combat these potential outbreaks, Albany-mom Wendy Langley set to work developing an alternative to the average head lice treatment.

"There has to be something that we can do that's non-toxic and I thought other mothers would probably want something like that too," said Langley.

Her solution? Licefreee Spray.

Langley, an employee for TEC Laboratories, said she came up the idea after using store-bought products to treat her daughter's head lice.

"I went to use it on her head. When I opened up the bottle, it smelled just like bug spray," Langley said.

She pitched the idea of a non-toxic lice treatment to the TEC Laboratories, and the rest is history.

Since it's launch in 2011, CEO Steve Smith said Licefreee has grown to make up over 35 percent of the company's total sales. He hopes to have it become the company's biggest product by 2016.

"If you've got working parents, and the child has to come out of school when they have head lice, they wanna solve the problem and get the child back in school," said Smith. "That's one of the things that's really great about Licefreee, is that literally you can solve the problem right now."

Langley said that sales are just one benefit Licefreee brought to the Albany company.

"Our employees we've actually grown 48 percent since we've launched Licefreee spray, which shows that we're helping out the economy in this time too," said Langley.