Albany HS: Bathroom bomb graffiti an attempt to disrupt finals

ALBANY, Ore. - Just before the bell rang Tuesday afternoon, a South Albany High student found a shocking message scrawled on the wall of a bathroom stall.

Part of the message read, "There will be a bomb at the school tomorrow, I won't tell you what time. It'll be a surprise."

School officials immediately contacted Albany PD. After officers did a thorough sweep of the hallways and classrooms, the department found no evidence of any explosives on the grounds.

"There were no devices, no indication anyone would attempt to carry out the particular threat," said Lt. Casey Dorland of the Albany Police Department.

Police reviewed what they'd gathered from the investigation and took a student into custody Wednesday morning.

"Through interviews, videos, we eventually identified a 14-year-old student that was responsible," Lt. Dorland said, adding that the student later made a full confession to the treat.

"In this case, the 14-year-old student will be referred to the Linn County juvenile department on charge of disorderly conduct one."

District official Jim Baggart told our reporters the student made the threat over a final exam scheduled on Wednesday.

"District policy indicates that students who make a threat are subject to discipline, and that discipline might include an expulsion," said Baggart. "Certainly we hope after this students will understand that we'll continue to take these threats very seriously and those students will be prosecuted."

Some parents said they are concerned that this is the second time a threat of this kind has been made at the school this year.

The district says their students and staff are a top priority and they will do whatever it takes to keep everyone at their schools safe.