Adoption day for pit bull that survived botched DIY neutering

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Buddy, a pit bull mix that survived a botched neutering attempt in November, was adopted by a family in Corvallis on Thursday.

The pit bull was found abandoned in a shopping cart outside of a Safeway in Springfield. A good samaritan took Buddy across the street to a veterinary clinic where he got the surgery that would save his life.

After over a month-long recovery process, Luv-A-Bull Pit Bull Rescue agreed to adopt him out to a good home.

In the meantime, Jeremy DeGuc, a trainer with Luv-A-Bull, took Buddy home with him.

"He's a great dog and so full of love," said DeGuc on Thursday.

After more than a month of looking and interviewing, DeGuc said they finally found Buddy a home in Corvallis.

"Every time I thought he might get a home I honestly got a little emotional because he has a place in my heart," said DeGuc as he pet Buddy in front of his new owner, Matt Ashland. "Just look at him."

Ashland said that his family recently lost their dog Singer (also a pit bull mix) to heart problems.

"She was my constant companion," Ashland said, as tears filled his eyes.

Ashland found Buddy's story online at, where he found Luv-A-Bull's contact information.

"So, Nic had never been without a dog, and that's all he wanted for Christmas," said Ashland, his son Nic standing beside him. "So, we started looking and we saw Buddy, and he looked a lot like Singer."

Ashland owns a comic book store in Corvallis and said Buddy will come to work with him every day.

"Buddy is what Luv-A-Bull is all about," said DeGuc. "Going through so much. Just look at him ... you can't even tell."

Data collected from US shelters in 2009 found that 58 percent of dogs euthanized in the US are pit bulls.

DeGuc said he believes this statistic exists because of maltreatment, misuse and abuse of the breed.