A week after snow, will schools open Friday?

EUGENE, Ore. - The tempearture got above freezing - and stayed there - on Thursday for the first time in more than a week.

Eugene last registered above freezing on Wednesday, December 4.

Then Friday, December 6, happened: a forecast 1 to 3 inches of snow manifested as 8 inches down to the valley floor. | Photos of the December 6 snow

Temperatures plunged to record lows - first -7, then -10. The cold preserved the fluffy stuff - and froze civilization in place.

One snow day turned into two. Then three ...

First Sunday night, then Monday night, then again Tuesday, school districts across the region made the unusual call to cancel the next day's classes a day ahead of time. | Current School Closures & Delays

On Wednesday night, many districts did it again. The three metro districts in town - Eugene, Springfield and Bethel - held off until early Thursday morning to make the call.

But again: No school.

So far, the December 6 snowfall has claimed 5 school days, give or take an in-service day or normal day off, depending on the district.

And even as the threat of freezing rain passed Thursday and the temperature held in the high 30s in Eugene, some districts - due to weather, or damage to buildings, or whatever the reason - elected to announce they wouldn't open on Friday, December 13.

Even large education communities like Lane Community College - which closed Thursday - said Friday would hinge on an assessment of Friday morning's conditions, as if the idea it might not be 17F overnight were now unfathomable.