A truck and a sign: 'It hasn't been a really great way to sell books'

EUGENE, Ore. - Jerry Norcia isn't your traditional storyteller.

While many people are worried about getting more clicks and likes, Norcia sits next to his truck and waits.

"It hasn't been a really great way to sell books, but you have to try different things," he said. "It'd be a dream of mine if someone came along and said they'd like to make a movie out of my book."

The book follows an airline employee who deals with corruption and scandal, a story Norcia says was inspired by his 20-year airline career.

Norcia has tried going through retailers to sell the book, but he's been told that without a publisher or an agent, they won't carry his book.

Luckily for him, one local bookstore is happy to work with nearby authors.

"We also welcome local authors, and we do really love them especially if they're sending friends and family in to buy the book," said Bruce Lundy at The Duck Store.

All independent authors have to do is walk-in and ask to meet with the buyer. if the book qualifies, then the author and the store can make a deal.