A run on guns? 'People feel like they need to have a firearm'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Since recent shooting rampages in Oregon and Connecticut, sales at a Eugene gun shop have spiked and a firearms safety school is busting at the seams with prospective students.

"So, it's usually a 5 to 10 minute wait," said Oak Grove Guns owner David Millers said at his shop in Santa Clara on Monday, "but on Saturday the wait was up to two hours."

Miller said the background check he runs for customers to purchase a firearm has been bogged down since the shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

"People feel like they need to have a firearm to walk around the malls and to walk places where they wouldn't have carried a gun before," said Miller.
Miller said existing gun owners are stocking up on firearms that they believe might be banned by future gun control legislation after President Obama's speech Sunday night.
In his address to the nation, President Obama promised to use the power of his office to prevent the kind of senseless violence seen in recent shooting rampages.
"And that brings people in to buy the things that might get banned," said Miller.

In addition to a spike in gun sales, classes for firearm safety at Defensive Firearms Instruction in Eugene are in high demand.

"In the past, maybe 5 to 10 here and there," said Defensive Firearms Instruction owner Donovan Beard. "Now we have classes running every single week for the next six months."

To carry a concealed weapons permit in Oregon, an individual must first pass a safety course like the one offered by Beard's company.

Beard said business spiked when cuts first came down at the Lane County Sheriff's Office; again after the Clackamas Town Center Mall shooting; and again after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown.

"I've seen an increase in concealed handgun licensing as well as armed security training as well," said Beard.