A new Frontier: Beavers and Ducks flying together

EUGENE, Ore. - A Frontier Airlines plane made it's first flight into the Eugene Airport from Denver on Thursday afternoon.

The plane was showered with an inaugural water bath as it drove under a water arch created by two airport fire trucks.

The celebration was more of a homecoming for the two pilots who flew in.

"It was fantastic when we heard the announcement a few months back when we were told we were going to go back to our home towns," said Captain Bob Roseboro.

The pilots displayed their Oregon School pride with one side of the cockpit waving a Beaver flag and the other side a Duck flag.

Roseboro attended the University of Oregon. His co-pilot Scott Loomis attended Oregon State.

The co-pilot's father, Don Loomis, watched his son's flight land.

"Seeing the planes, we see them all the time, but when your own kid is flying it, you know, you go, 'Wow, this is good. This is fun.' You feel pretty proud," said Don Loomis.

Airport officials said Frontier Airline service is seasonal but should still be available until October when the Ducks Football team plays Colorado in a Pac-12 game.