A Butte-iful Proposal: 'I didn't see it coming at all!'

EUGENE, Ore. - Jason Bell finished the Butte to Butte 10K in just over 40 minutes, giving him 10 minutes to wipe the sweat off his forehead and change into a suit.

Shortly after his girlfriend Riley Swanson crossed the finish line, Jason popped the question.

"I didn't see this coming at all," she said.

Riley, who has been living in Hawaii, flew to Oregon just for the race.

"I thought it was going to happen tonight, but I had no idea it was going to be like this," Swanson said.

"I was driving near the Butte and I had the race coming up in my mind, and I thought that's perfect... just divinely inspiring," said Bell.

Jason said he sent 11 cards to Riley's friends around the world, who in turn tied them to 11 red roses. Swanson's friends scattered on street ends of the last two miles of the race, handing them to her as she ran by.

"I was like 'No way, is he really doing this?'," she said after the race. "I was completely caught off-guard. I did not see this coming at all."

Both families were in attendance, and a crowd began to form around the two. Bell knelt down and with the last rose and ring in hand and said, "Riley Swanson... will you marry me?"

The crowd erupted in cheers, and Swanson began to cry as they embraced each other in the middle of the park.

Bell and Swanson headed to see her grandparents in Bend the evening of the Fourth of July for a casual dinner and fireworks.