8 homes evacuated by two-acre fire near Oakridge

OAKRIDGE, Ore. -- Eight homes were evacuated Saturday afternoon by a fire burning near High Prairie Road, Oakridge Police officials said.

The two-acre fire is now contained and crews from the forest service and Oakridge Fire are mopping up the area, Oregon Department of Forestry District Forester Greg Wagenblast said.

Lane County Sheriff's Officials said the evacuated residents were returning to their homes by about 8 p.m.

There was no structural damage from the fire.

Firefighters report the flames, initially reported at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, burned up a hill covered in dry grass and trees near the east end of E 3rd Street in Oakridge before jumping across High Prairie Road.

The fast-moving fire prompted law enforcement to evacuate eight homes in the area of E 3st Street, dispatchers with the Oakridge Police Department said.

Wagenblast said the Department of Forestry is still looking into what casued the fire, but they believe it was "human-caused".

This is a developing story, updates will be posted as information comes in.