8 arrested, 25 cited following noise complaint near UO

EUGENE, Ore. -- Police arrested eight people and cited over a dozen more at a disorderly party near the University of Oregon campus Saturday night, Eugene Police said.

The arrests stemmed from a noise complaint reported at a second story apartment at 18th and High Street.

After getting a warrant over the phone, officials said police entered to find over 30 people inside the small, two-bedroom apartment.

Some of the party-goers told police the three hosts wouldn't let them leave, Eugene Police added.

"We learned later that many of the people inside wanted to leave, but were unable to. The residents would not open the door to permit them to go out. That conduct is actually a felony called coercion," said Eugene Police Lieutennant Doug Mozan.

Police arrested the three people hosting the party for coercion, noise violations, furnishing alcohol to minors and obstruction of justice. Those three people, identified as Garrett Lafarge, 18, Spencer Lafarge, 20, and Julian Darby, 19, were also given minor in possession citations.

Police arrested five other people during their search of the apartment. Police said they cited 25 more people in attendance for minor in possession.