7th grader helps friend choking on cheeseburger

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - When Evyn Malone and Megan Spangler look back on the 7th grade, they'll remember the time Evyn choked on a cheeseburger.

"I exhaled but I couldn't inhale, and so my face just got really red because I couldn't breathe at all," Evyn said.

That's when Evyn locked eyes with Megan from across the cafeteria.

"And I thought a boy did something like asked her out or something, because she kind of looked like she was laughing," Megan said, "but then she came over here."

Evyn clasped her hands to her throat, gasping for air. She rain to Megan, a friend she knew she could count on.

"She's the savior," Evyn said. "I'm the savee."

Megan took action. "I pushed three times, and then that's when she coughed it up."

The cheeseburger chunk shot onto the floor.

In that split second when Megan helped her friend, she thought back to training she learned from McKenzie Fire and Rescue back in 2009.

Firefighter Matt Brooks said Megan's actions makes firefighters and EMTs proud.

"She could have learned it from a book, she could have learned it from YouTube, but she remembered what we taught her and she acted with an amazing level of maturity for a seventh grader," Brooks told KVAL News.

The girls said the other kids in the cafeateria didn't notice what Megan did for Evyn.

"At the end of the day, she legitimately saved my life," Evyn said, "and without her, I don't know what would have happened."