52 miles of bargains: 'You never know what you're going to find'

CHESHIRE, Ore. - Yard sale season is in full swing.

Out on Highway 36, they have the mother of all yard sales: 52 miles of bargains.

The three day event, which kicked off Friday, stretches from Highway 99 in Junction City to Highway 126 in Mapleton.

In it's 11th annual year, the 52 Mile Highway 36 Yard Sale is in fact the largest in the nation. Junction City resident Ron Ormsby has been selling items for six years.

"I have probably about 5,000 items," he says. "What makes it easy is, I put everything at 25 cents. Some people spend a quarter, some people $30 and $40 on 25 cent items."

Ormsby says rainy weather slowed sales this year, but he says his regular customers were pleased with the quality of his items.

"You think you got something there, and you're about ready to throw it out, and somebody steps up and wants it."

Susan Moore stopped by one of the booths on Highway 36.

"I bought a bubble gun for my grandson!" Moore said. "50 cents! Can't go wrong with 50 cents."

Moore says the 52 mile yard sale is something to see.

"You never know what you're going to find. This will get me a hug!"

Ormsby says the parking lot is always packed.

"We'll have 25 cars in here at a time. It's great. They love it! People like yard sales."

Goldson Grange hosts the yard sale each year. The event is scheduled for the last weekend in June each year.