52-mile long yard sale? Yes, yes it was

JUNCTION CITY, ORE. -- Now that school has ended, you might have seen some nice steals popping up in your neighborhood yard sales. But, you probably haven't seen any that were this big.

Out on Highway 36, they have the mother of all yard sales: 52 miles of things to buy.

It's a three day event, stretching all the way from Mapleton and ending where it hits Highway 99 in Junction City.

Neighbors come out to sell and buy everything from books to ammo, to VHS tapes.

A bunch of people came out this year, and they're thanking the lovely weather.

Corrie Lucas says it was definitely an improvement this year. "Last year it was raining and we had it set up under the awning out here, so, it was OK," he said. "There wasn't as many people. This year there was a lot more people because of the sun, you know, the heat."

Sunday was the last day, but if you missed out on the mega sale you will get your chance next year.

The annual event happens on the last weekend of June.