4-H returns to Lane Co.: 'The program finds a way to fit the kid'

EUGENE, Ore. -- It has taken some time and work for 4h to get back on its feet after a three-year absence, but as of Tuesday Lane County's school children were allowed to enroll in the program once again.

4-H organizer Patty Driscoll said she's proud to see the return of the leadership program since it lost funding in 2010.

"I think its great that we're back and we're positive and it's growing and we're looking forward for it to keep growing this year next year and the year after," Driscoll said.

The 4-H program is part of an OSU extension program that provides hands-on learning activities for children and young adults, grades K-12.

Driscoll said that it was community support that helped get it back up and running. Parents like Ross Penhallegon were also happy to see the program once again a part of children's lives.

"In the world today there's a lot of things that are happening, and here's one opportunity that does very good at helping to train kids properly," said Penhallegon.

"The range of projects is so diverse that the kid doesn't have to fit the program, the program finds a way to fit the kid," said 4-H mom Michelle Perino. "I found for the few years we were in it in Lane County, (it) made such an impact on my own children and other children I was around."

For those interested in visiting on the open houses, the next one is Tuesday, Oct. 8 in Cottage Grove.