34 acts of kindness: 'One simple act means the world to people'

EUGENE, Ore. - Lauren von Klein rolls up for some caffeine fortification at a Dutch Bros coffee.

"The usual for me, my peppermint mocha," she tells the barista.

But this is not your routine mocha stop.

"And I want to not only pay for our drinks," she adds, "but for the next few cars that come through."

Lauren and her sons Kellen and Connor spread some love Friday, committing 34 random acts of kindness on the young widow's 34th birthday.

She lost her husband Ryan to a heart attack 18 months ago. The community came to her rescue.

"I had all these strangers come, and they offered to help me watch my kids," she recalls. "They mowed my lawn."

Hence the 34 acts of kindness, done not out of a sense of obligation but from a heart of thanksgiving.

"Even some words and one simple act means the world to people, and we remember," she said. "I remember."

Next stop after coffee: flowers for residents of Ya-Po-Ah Terrace, the retirement apartment building at the foot of Skinner Butte.

"I just feel like that's lovely," says Norma, one of the recipients. "It's the best thing today."

you think annie, 101 years young, will remember this day?

"Oh, thank you," says Annie, age 101. "Oh, beautiful flowers. Oh, thank you honey."

A day of spreading joy and teaching her boys a life lesson.

Lauren thinks Ryan would approve.

"I hope he's telling me good job, you're doing good," she says, "and I miss you."