2nd Chainsaw Art Fest: 'In the end it's such a refined work'

BLUE RIVER, Ore. -- The second annual Chainsaw Art Festival is going on this weekend at the McKenzie Track in Blue River.

"It's something that kind of comes from the logging days when carvers would kind of sit around and wait for something to happen," said Chainsaw Festival volunteer Judy Casad. "This is real, and it happens right in front of you. And it's loud, dirty and rough but something beautiful comes out of it."

Chris Foltz was one of the 19 master chainsaw carvers cutting art out of the timber.

"It's got this folk art kind of base, and I think a lot of people really connect with that," said Foltz.

He said the process of creating detailed sculptures from large logs takes practice, patience and strength.

"You're going from these huge slices down to this, really. In the end it's such a refined work," said Foltz. "Oregon state is all about the pacific northwest and the trees and the outdoors, and it's just very well suited for this region."