1936 Speedster valued at $3.3M visits Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. - A 1936 Lincoln Boat Tail Speedster once owned by Howard Hughes visited Eugene Tuesday.

Hughes, best known as an aviator and film producer and director, reduced the weight of the vehicle and modified the V-12 engine to reach speeds of 100 mph.

Matt Merryman delivered the vehicle to Brasher's 10th Annual Checkered Flag Auction. He says the '36 Lincoln used to be a limousine.

He says Hughes modified the car so photographers could film from the side steps at high speeds on the runway.

Because of the car's aerodynamic design, the car could get close to an aircraft while filming.

The trunk also provided space to protect and store his films when he travelled from the shoot to the studio.

Merryman says the owner, Chris Fine, found the vehicle in a Washington barn.

In the glove box, Merryman says Fine found an old credit card of Howard Hughes, authenticating it.

After Fine completed the entire ground-up restoration, appraisers said the vehicle was worth $3.3 million.