$100 bill cuts counterfeits, but can it withstand wallet wear?

EUGENE, Ore. -- The newly designed $100 bill was released in early October, featuring a 3D security ribbon and color-shifting ink. While the additions are designed to make the bill easier to authenticate and harder to replicate, some question how fool proof they actually are.

On the new bill, Ben Franklin's portrait shares the front with a blue 3D security ribbon. Eugene-resident James Stolpe told our news reporter that the security strip can be easily stripped off the bill.

"I don't know if the bill's good, but it's obviously a new $100 bill. It's got all the security features and stuff on it, but the holographic strip peels off," said Stolpe.

The Springfield US Bank branch said if the note is too damaged they may be unable to replace it.

Without the blue ribbon intact the bank says the bill cannot be properly authenticated through their scanner and may be worthless.

The U.S. Secret Service told our reporters that if the ribbon were to come off, the bill needs to be taken back to the bank for exchange.