Distraught father of deceased addict: 'I came with a cross ... and found a skull'

Jon LeBaron (KOMO photo)

SEATTLE - A man who was searching for the spot where his son died after a long battle with heroin addiction made a grim discovery - the body of another person who died in the same area of Seattle's Interlaken Park.

Jon LeBaron says he originally went to the park on Labor Day weekend because he wanted to mark the place where his son had died with a cross.

"I came originally with a cross for my son," he says. "I wanted him not to be forgotten."

Just a few days before, strangers had found the body of LeBaron's son in a wooded area of Interlaken Park on Seattle's Capitol Hill.

So on Labor Day weekend, LeBaron went to the park on a mission to find the very place where his son had finally lost his battle with highly addictive heroin.

As he searched for the spot to place the cross, he stumbled across something else.

"I looked to the right and saw something," he says. "It was a skull."

The gruesome discovery - a second body in the same area in as many weeks.

LeBaron says it highlights two growing problems in the region - drug addiction and homelessneses.

"If you go in there, it's not clean," he says.

LeBaron also says his discovery illustrates that addicts and the homeless camp out in Interlaken Park.

"If there are more bodies in there, of course, that should be swept just to make sure it's clean," he says.

LeBaron's 29-year-old his son, Jon, struggled with drug addiction and homelessness for eight years. The brokenhearted father says they talked just a few months ago.

"I saw him at the Matt Talbot Center. He was doing the program. He was doing great," LeBaron says.

Police say his son had been dead for two months when he was found on Aug. 30.

When LeBaron stumbled on human remains during his own search it somehow brought a sense of closure.

"For me, to find another body while I was looking for the site of my son was big time for me. It was a huge moment. It was like finding my son," he says.

He hopes his discovery will help another family find the answers they need.

"I hope the family gets results and finds out who he was."

LeBaron says his son is finally at peace after a long hard battle with homelessness and heroin addiction.

Both deaths remain under investigation.

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