West Nile infects Lane Co. resident, 3rd case for Ore. this year

EUGENE, Ore. -- The third Oregonian infected with West Nile virus this year was a Lane County resident, Lane County Public Health officials said Friday.

The person contracted the virus while traveling in Idaho, health officials said.

The person is expected to recover and Dr. Patrick Luedtke with Lane Public Health said that most cases of West Nile are harmless and only result in mild flu symptoms. Other times, however, the infection can be deadly.

Health officials like Dr. Luedtke said that this case serves as a reminder that mosquitoes are still around, even in the cooler months.

"Our climate here in Eugene is very mild, so we have mosquitoes seven ... eight months out of the year," said Dr. Luedtke. "That season is almost over, but not completely over."

Luedtke added that the virus is more commonly found in the warmer, drier regions of eastern Oregon, an environment where more mosquitoes develop.

Officials said that it is important to have screens on your doors and windows. They also said that long sleeves are important in areas where mosquitoes are common.