Survey says some sick days too silly to believe

EUGENE, Ore. - Nearly 1 in 3 workers has called in sick when not actually ill in the last year, according to a survey by CareerBuilder.

The survey also found that 18 percent of employers have asked an employee to check if a co-worker is faking a sick day; 14 percent of employers have driven by an employee's home to check.

The survey also asked human resource professionals and hiring managers to share the most unusual excuses they've heard for sick days.

The Top 10 excuses:

  • Employee's sobriety tool wouldn't allow the car to start
  • Employee forgot he had been hired for the job
  • Employee said her dog was having a nervous breakdown
  • Employee's dead grandmother was being exhumed for a police investigation
  • Employee's toe was stuck in a faucet
  • Employee said a bird bit her
  • Employee was upset after watching "The Hunger Games"
  • Employee got sick from reading too much
  • Employee was suffering from a broken heart
  • Employee's hair turned orange from dying her hair at home