Mom: 'Awesome' recovery for young flesh-eating bacteria victim

Just six weeks ago, it was hard to imagine Zoey Chalk sitting up and playing.

A small cut on her ankle became infected, and flesh-eating bacteria threatened 2-year-old Zoey's life.

Through eight surgeries, doctors saved her, but even when she came home, the prognosis was difficult.

"Because she'd only been walking for such a short time, she's probably going to need to learn to walk again," Zoey's dad Bryan Chalk said, explaining what doctors told them. "They might have to do physical therapy. They might have to do skin grafts."

Zoey had other ideas.

"She just got up one morning and was like, 'I'm going to walk today,' said Zoey's mom Valorie. "I was like, what? It was awesome for me. I cried a little bit."

And since Zoey started walking again, she hasn't slowed down.

"I just can't help but smile. Zoey's back. It's amazing," Bryan said.

Some challenges remain.

Bryan is legally blind and suffers from chronic pain that keeps him from working.

Valorie just returned to her job at Boeing but hasn't brought home a paycheck in weeks.

KOMO 4 viewers, touched by their story, donated more than $1,600.

"Oh my gosh, that's amazing," the Chalks said. "That's incredible. Thank you so much. It's really amazing. If it wasn't for the community, our friends and family, this would have been a completely different situation."