Midwife charged with manslaughter takes plea deal, avoids jail

COQUILLE, Ore. -- A Bandon midwife facing manslaughter charges is pleading guilty to another charge instead of going to trial.

Marcene Rebeck plead guilty to recklessly endangering another person in a plea deal reached earlier this week.

The case against Marcene Rebeck stems from the death of a baby girl who died from septic shock on June 18, 2011.

District Attorney Paul Frasier said that despite protests accusing him of siding with professional medicine, this wasn't a crusade against midwives.

He said it was about a baby that shouldn't have died.

"Had the child gone to the hospital this whole thing could have, at least what medical people are telling me, this whole thing could have been adverted," Frasier said.

The defense said Rebeck did everything right. "Nothing about the appearance, actions or conduct of this baby gave any rise that the baby was septic or in anyway ill," said attorney Laura Fine.

The mother of the child said in a written statement that Rebeck "actively discouraged me from seeking medical attention. We had no idea that Marcene was so anti-medical, had we known this about her we never would have chosen to work with her."

With a one year deferred sentence, Rebeck avoids jail time.

In addition to the deferred sentence, Rebeck must also be licensed before carrying out any future births.