Elevation training takes gym workouts to new heights

EUGENE, Ore. -- High-altitude training masks are the new trend to hit the nation, designed to give athletes the benefits of elevation workouts without a trip to the mountains.

Sam Kiesse is one of the many who are trying to take their workout to the next level.

"It's kind of the same theory behind an Olympic athlete training in Colorado before they go to the games," said Kiesse. "These little intakes - you can switch them around to change elevations."

Kiesse is a trainer who sets his mask to 6,000 feet. He says it strengthens the lungs and helps him breathe more easily.

"Since my recovery times are faster I am able to work out more and longer. If you are a climber and you don't get out to go much, you wear this so the change is much easier for body to take when do actually going hiking," said Kiesse.

He says the trade-off is worth looking a bit like Darth Vader while hitting the gym.