Donations fund free breast cancer screenings

EUGENE, Ore. - A program offers Lane County Women free breast cancer screenings.

The Cavan Fund recently contributed $25,000 to the program, and the Oregon Medical Group matched the donation. The nonprofit was started in honor of Dr. Joe Cavan, en early pioneer in breast cancer treatment.

The Oregon Medical Group said the increase in funding will help more women get screened this year. Last year more than 100 women in Lane County were screened for free.

The program is organized by Cascade Health Solutions is organizing the program. Women who qualify will see a nurse at Cascade Health Solutions and then have a mammogram at the Oregon Medical Group.

"At the age of 40 is when women should start annual screening and that means every year," Dr. Michael Milestein, a radiologist at the Oregon Medical Group said. "A baseline mammogram sometime in the 30's, 35, 36 is also recommended."

Milestein said women who don't have insurance or who's insurance does not cover breast cancer screening usually qualify.

He said annual screening is important to early detection.

"Basically screening does make it much easier to take care of breast cancer," Milestein said. "If it is discovered early when it is small it can be treated very easily with a lot less hassle."

More information on the program can be found by contacting Cascade Health Solutions.