Antifreeze in dog bowl: 'There's no way it wasn't malicious'

TIGARD, Ore. - Antifreeze is highly toxic to dogs, so when some was discovered in a bowl at a local dog park it raised some serious concerns.

A dog bowl with the tell-tale green liquid inside it was found Sunday behind a culvert at Ash Avenue Dog Park, located at 12770 S.W. Ash Avenue in Tigard.

Christian Rajotte is the one who came across the bowl and he took his dog, Lilly, to a veterinarian to get checked out. It's a good thing he did because it turned out she did have the toxic chemical in her system and needed the antidote.

"She's part of the family," Rajotte said. "We love her to death. I would have been crushing not to have her."

A dog that ingests just a few tablespoons of antifreeze can suffer kidney failure in six to 24 hours. We haven't heard of any other dogs getting sick but Rajotte is angry and believes someone strategically hid the bowl of antifreeze at the park.

"There's no way it wasn't malicious," he said.

Most dog owners we talked to at the park said they plan to bring their own water and dog bowl and check the area closely when they arrive. There is also a warning on the door telling people to call police if they see any strange-looking liquids.

How can you tell if your dog has been poisoned by antifreeze? Basically, they will appear to be drunk and will lean or fall over.