The Boreal aims to offer all-ages, musician-oriented venue

EUGENE, Ore. - The idea for The Boreal came to the group of friends on a hike.

"For all of us, growing up, music was really important, especially being able to see music at a young age," said Eric Devin, one of the founding members of The Boreal. "I personally feel a need to pay that forward."

"The boreal is a northern forest type in Canada and Russia," said Sean Prive, another founder.

This Boreal is all about musicians. Whereas other venues charge small bands to play, The Boreal is free for mucisians and is an all-ages venue.

That's key for younger musicians in scenes where sometimes "playing at bars is the only option," Prive said.

And some genres of music struggle to find venues.

"It's been extremely hard, especially since many people shy away from more aggressive music," said Tyler Giard with The Boreal.

The performace venue on West 3rd now offers a space for everyone to rock out.

"Community is something we lack a lot in our day to day life," said Kathryn Alexander with The Boreal. "This is a great way to bring this into the fold."