Rolling Stones prove they've still got it, bump Taylor Swift from top spot

Taylor Swift's fans may have oodles of disposable income, but the pop/country crossover still doesn't have as much star power as a band that's been making music for twice as long as she's been alive. The Rolling Stones have officially passed Taylor Swift as the highest-selling tour -- but there's one very obvious reason why, and it's not Mick Jagger's moves.

Top 20 Concert Tours data shows that, in their first week on the list, the Stones have surged past Swift (and Kenny Chesney, and Bon Jovi, and P!nk, and everyone else on the list) in terms of gross income per US city. According to the list, Swift's tour makes about $1.8 million per city, while the Stones gross a shocking $8.2 million. And while the gap is definitely partially due to the Stones' legacy status, it's also largely down to price per ticket.

Taylor Swift tickets are priced around $82. Tickets for the Stones, however, run for nearly $360. Apiece.

Still, that Stones tickets are four times as expensive as tickets to see Taylor Swift doesn't account for the fact that the Stones are outselling her at a pace of eight to one. Another reason for the disparity? Swift is playing dozens of small-to-mid-market cities with small-ish capacity venues, whereas the Stones are being very selective, playing only 11 shows, all of which are major markets.

There doesn't appear to be much rivalry between the 20something and the seasoned veterans, though; Swift recently joined the Rolling Stones onstage in Chicago for a performance that she called "the best moment ever."