Photos: Inside '50 Shades of Grey' luxury condo tower

SEATTLE -- The steamy novel "50 Shades of Grey" is at the top of the best sellers list.

However it's doing more than selling books, it's also drawing crowds to a posh downtown Seattle condo tower, the Escala.

The story is set in Seattle, with the billionaire bachelor leading man living in the penthouse of that building.

Several times a week, book fans wander into the lobby asking to take a look around.

"It's a private building and we've got so many homeowners that have moved in, so it's by appointment only," said Kathy Crotts of the Escala. "So they don't have that opportunity to access the common areas and see the different models."

Tours are for serious buyers.

But the Escala made an exception for KOMO4 News anchor Molly Shen and her photographer, letting them check out the home just a floor below the occupied penthouse.

Like in the book, there is a wall of glass showcasing an endless view. Still much is, of course, fiction. There is no helicopter landing pad for example.

And readers will know what we mean when we say there are red accents, but no red room.

As for the handsome, wealthy bachelor?

"That's an interesting question," Crotts laughed. "I think I'm going to fall back on the privacy of the homeowner and not answer that question!"

You can watch KOMO4 News anchor Molly Shen's full story now posted on in which she takes you inside the exclusive Escala and reveals why local therapists are starting to 'prescribe' the book to their patients.