Jeopardy! searches for contestants in Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Jeopardy! brought its contestant search to Portland this week. But unlike many other game shows, the auditions were by invitation only.

Anyone who wants to appear on the game show must pass an online test. Only those who passed were invited to the second round.

"I've actually been watching Jeopardy since I was very little," said Barbara Hall, a contestant from Vancouver. "This is the first time I've passed the online test."

For perspective on how hard the test is, this was Hall's eighth attempt.

"It's pretty hard," she said. "I would say on the online test, every question is almost at the level of a final Jeopardy question."

Jeopardy! producers search for contestants all across the country. Those who complete the process remain in the show's contestant pool for 18 months.

For information on the audition process, visit the Jeopardy! website.