Hayden Panettiere gets real about that misspelled tattoo

"Nashville" star Hayden Panettiere has seamlessly made the transition from child star to full-fleged celebrity -- but that doesn't mean she doesn't have regrets. Like, for example, her tattoo, which is supposed to read "vivere senza rimpianti," Italian for "live without regrets." Unfortunately, it's got an extra letter in it.

Panettiere opened up about the error in this month's "Glamour" magazine.

The tattoo, which actually reads "vivere senza rimipianti," (note the extra "i") was, Panettiere says, supposed to be a reminder to learn from mistakes and move past them, rather than dwelling. Which is ironic, considering the regretful nature of the ink.

"It's misspelled," Panettiere told the magazine, "so I literally have to live by that advice!"

Panettiere isn't the only celebrity with a typo in tattoo form. Click through the gallery to see who else should've hit the spell check before going under the needle.